Case Studies

Recovery from Sports Injuries

Displaced Coccyx causing Acute Coccy-dynia
An international rugby player was aggressively kneed in the buttocks causing extensive bruising. The player was in constant severe buttock pain. He was unable to train and sitting was impossible without severe pain. Xray revealed the cause of his pain was a severely displaced coccyx. He was expected to be unavailable for selection for at least 4 to 6 weeks. Following 1 chiropractic treatment and
2 Hyper-Cell treatments he was able to train in 3 days. 5 days after his first Hyper-cell treatment he played a full game of rugby without pain. He has not had any further problems and was selected to play for his country in the rugby World cup.

Acute Quadriceps muscle tear
A 32 year old rugby player sustained a grade 1 tear to his quad. muscle during training. He was due to play in a county final cup match in 4 days time. The club physio estimated a 2 week recovery period. He was treated immediately with Hyper-Cell. After one treatment, and to the amazement of the physiotherapist, the patient played the final. He experienced no pain during or after the match.

Groin Strain

A 28 year old had developed a groin strain following heavy weightlifting. His pain had continued for 6 months and had not responded to conventional physical therapy. Following four treatments, his condition fully recovered.

Chronic Recurrent Hamstring tears
A 27 year old rugby player had a history of 5 years of recurrent hamstring injuries. Despite physiotherapy treatment, the hamstring injury continued to reoccur (averaging 3 to 4 months before re-injury). The player had not played rugby for 11 months. He was concerned that he would never play again. 5 treatments of Hyper-Cell, he returned back to rugby. He has now played 1 and ½ seasons without reoccurrence.

Acute Ankle ligament tear
A 54-year-old rugby player, with a bad tear to his left ankle ligaments, was suffering severe pain and swelling of the ankle. He could not stand on his ankle. A minimum of 3 month recovery time period had been expected by the casualty officer at Hospital.
After three treatments of Hyper-Cell (over a 10 day period) the patient had no pain, no swelling and could walk without limping. Two weeks after treatment he was fit to return to his sport. The injury has never reoccurred.

Nine month old hamstring muscle strain
A football player tore his left hamstring muscle and had experienced 9 months of pain. He had received 14 physiotherapy treatments without successful recovery. 9 months on, he had not improved and he could not run or play sport.
After one 20 minute Hyper-Cell treatment his pain was 90% reduced. Following his third treatment his pain had completely gone. He returned back to football ten days after the first treatment. His pain has not returned.

Knee cartilage tear
A 24 year old man suffering knee pain for 9 years, following a car accident, was diagnosed with tearing of his knee cartilage. After four Hyper-Cell treatments he has not had any reoccurrence of his knee pain.

Achilles Tendon Tear.
A personnel fitness instructor tore her achilles tendon. A course of physiotherapy improved the tendon injury. But, after returning to aerobics her achilles injury returned. She was unable to walk without severe pain, and had been off work for two weeks. 4 treatments of Hyper-Cell, over a three week period, completely resolved her injury. 4 years on teaching aerobics, and her injury has not returned.

Lower abdominal muscle tears
A 34 year old rugby player had multiple tears to his lower abdominal muscles. Despite surgical repair, eight months following surgery, he had pain and was unable to play sport. After ten treatments of Hyper-Cell he was able to return to rugby without any pain.

Joint Pains and Post Fracture Pain

Coccyx pain
A 51 year old patient had severe pain over her coccyx’s, following a fall on to her buttocks. She could not sit down and found walking and sleeping very difficult. Four Hyper-Cell treatments over two weeks resolved all her coccyx pain.

Severe low back pain
A 43 year old who had received surgery for a severe disc injury continued to experience intense low back pain. He had been off work for two years and had a pain score of 10 out of 10. Following three Hyper-Cell treatments his pain had reduced to 2 out of 10. He now experiences long periods of no pain and has been able to stop all medication.

Post fracture ankle pain
A London Scottish rugby player was unable to play rugby, since fracturing his ankle. A sharp deep-seated pain in his ankle occurred when attempting to run. Ultrasound and conventional physical therapy had not helped. He fully recovered after four treatments of Hyper-Cell.

Fracture to Clavicle
An 18 year old footballer fractured his left clavicle and was suffering severe pain. He was unable to sleep without waking and analgesics was inaffective at controlling his pain. After his first Hyper-Cell TM treatment he experienced a dramatic reduction in pain. After the 2nd treatment he could sleep without waking and had stopped taking his pain killers. A 3rd and final treatment cleared all a pain.

Chronic back pain
A 70-year-old lady, had severe back pain for 2 years. The hospital pain clinic was unable to relieve her pain, and recommended a morphine pump into her spine.
After one Hyper-Cell treatment her pain had stopped. She was able to travel away from home for the first time in 2 years to visit her brother. Returning 5 weeks later for her second visit, she reported only mild discomfort. 2 ½ years on, and she continues to be pain free.

Heel Spur
A 53-year-old lady, suffering constant heel pains for30 years. She had previously received conventional physical therapy – ultrasound etc. without success. Hyper-Cell has successfully resolved all her pain. She can now walk freely.

Accelerated Recovery from Surgery

Infra-patella bursitis
An England rugby player had been out of rugby for 10 weeks following knee surgery. He continued to have problems with infra-patella bursitis, which would not settle (despite having quartozone). After 1 Hyper-Cell treatment his bursitis completely resolved. He was able to return to rugby in the semi-final of the European cup. He scored two tries and was named Man of The Match! He reported no knee pain during or after the game. He was selected for the Rugby World Cup Squad.

Recovery from post-surgical cruciate ligament repair
A 53 year old lady sustained anterior cruciate ligament rupture and medial meniscus tear to her right knee following a collision accident skiing. The orthopaedic consultant expected a 4 to 6 month recovery after surgery, before returning to sport. The patient had Hyper-Cell treatment immediately after surgery. Her recovery time was reduced by 70%. She returned to work in 4 weeks (pain free) and sporting activities (full recovery) after 11 weeks.

Post surgical degenerative Knee pain
A professional rugby player had a 10 year history of periodic knee pain. He had two arthroscopies and now had early degenerative joint disease and flexion deformity. After sustaining a heavy tackle he reported severe knee pain. Examination revealed an infra-patella bursitis and damage to his calf and hamstring. Despite daily physiotherapy for 4 weeks and 2 visits to his knee surgeon for Quartozone, his condition showed little response. He could not walk and was in severe pain. Wasps were concerned that his career may be coming to an end.

16 hours After 1 Hyper-Cell treatment he could walk without pain. After His second treatment a day later, he could run without pain and was able to begin rehab with the club physio’s. Two weeks later he played his first game for 7 weeks in the European Cup Final. He would not have been available for the Final without the Hyper-Cell treatment which he received.

Constant Knee pain following surgery
A 34 year old had been suffering constant knee pain following surgical repair to knee ligaments. 6 treatments of Hyper-Cell resolved all his pain and he was able to return to marathon running.

Post Surgical Spinal Fusion Pain
A 28 year old continued to have severe burning pain in her neck and left arm following surgical spinal fusion of C5-C6 neck level. Morphine and pain killers did not relieve the pain. She could not sleep properly. After 5 Hyper-cell treatments she is pain free, sleeping well and off all pain killers.

Post Surgical Ankle pain
A former England rugby player had a history of ankle pain following two operations. His pain had continued to worsen over a 5 year period. He reported that he had not been able to take part in sprint for the entire season due to the severity of pain that he experienced. He always had to consume analgesics to allow him to play rugby. He was aware that he had lost speed whilst running. His ankle became severely painful post match and often prevented the player from training for two days post game. He had not being able to properly train since his ankle operation!

Over a period of 8 weeks of Hyper-cell treatment and chiropractic manipulation to his ankle, he now reports no pain after training or a match. For the first time in five years he has been able to sprint and train correctly. He is playing the best rugby he has since the operation. For the first time since his ankle operation he has been included in the England world cup squad.

Cysts, Haematoma’s and Ulcers

Ovarian cysts
A 45-year-old lady came for treatment on 3 large ovarian cysts. She was due to have surgery to remove these cysts in 6 weeks. A course of 8 treatments of Hyper-Cell cleared all 3 cysts. This was confirmed on ultrasound scan, which showed no signs of the cysts.

Facial cyst
A large cyst had developed on the right side of the face of a 47-year-old lady. The cyst was slowly growing and surgery had been recommended. 8 weeks of Hyper-Cell treatment completely cleared the cyst and there were no signs on scan and x-ray. A full recovery was made.

Haematoma – carotid vein
A 69 year old female had developed a ‘blood clot’ in her right carotid artery. As a result of the clot she had experienced approximately 26 mini strokes (T.I.A). She was seeing a consultant at Harefield hospital who recommended ‘balloon’ surgery to clear the clot. Due to the obvious risks of a severe stroke connected with the procedure she decided to try Hyper-Cell TM. Following 6 treatments over a six week period of Hyper-Cell & Power Point treatment a scan at Harefield confirmed that her clot had completely cleared. 15 years later she remains well and has never experienced another stroke.

Foot Ulcer
A 42 year old Diabetic patient had been suffering from a painful right foot ulcer for 1 year. He was having difficulty walking more than 5 minutes without stopping because of pain. In addition, he had progressive deterioration of the circulation to his right foot and his toes were becoming blackened due to poor circulation. He had been advised by his hospital consultant that surgical amputation of his foot was likely. After a course of 3 months of Hyper-Cel the foot ulcer completely healed and the circulation to his right foot has returned to normal. The patient has been able to return to jogging
Leg Ulcer
Mr B. had suffered from a leg ulcer the size of an apple for 30 years. After 2 treatments of Hyper-Cel his pain had ceased. He continued with treatment until the ulcer was the size of a pinhead and finally cleared.
Rheumatoid Arthritis
A 45 year old lady suffering intense pain and disability from R.A complained of constant pain with a pain score of 10 /10. She was managing for years by taking 8 painkillers per day. Following a 3-month treatment plan of Hyper-Cell the patient reported no pain and was off painkillers. Two years on her pain has not returned.

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